Our Customer Testimonials Don’t Lie

We are Thankful to Our Past and Current Customers for Sharing Their Experience of Working with Us

We are thankful to have incredible customers who have shared their satisfactory experiences with Coates Plumbing. We strive to provide excellent customer service to every person we work for.

Coates Plumbing takes care of all my issues at my home and business. The staff is very knowledgable and educates me on the problem and solution prior to the work being done. Highly recommend! 5 Stars - Eric A.
We are so very pleased with your work, the quality of the well pump, and how ‘user friendly’ you made the system for us. Thank you for such prompt, friendly, and efficient service! 5 Stars - Dianne G.
Your plumber, Mike, did a fantastic job! Thanks! 5 Stars - Bob S.
Mike was very helpful I had my air conditioner fixed! 5 Stars - Roger H.
Andy, we just want to express our sincere appreciation for the superb job of rearranging our sump pump, installing a new laundry tub, and organizing all those hoses into a neat stand-pipe drain. Not hearing that “pop” of the check valve while trying to sleep in absolutely wonderful. Your dedication to making sure all elements of you work are done in the best manner possible is rare in the service field any more. It’s a real pleasure having you in our home and the professional manner Kelli handled things just completes our confidence in you company 5 Stars - Keith M.
I have had Coates plumbing do all my plumbing and heating repairs for my house, my mom’s house and our family's business. I can honestly say I couldn't be more satisfied! They really spend time determining the problem and explaining proper repair. Their installation is impeccable with attention to the details! They have defiantly earned my business! 5 Stars - Justus T.
Coates Plumbing always does great work. Andy and his staff are the most trustworthy honest plumbing company in the area. 5 Stars - Angie’s List review
I have been using this plumbing company for many years. The owner is very personable and easy to work with. The work is done correctly, first time. I would recommend them. 5 Stars - david1bb, Houzz review
Mike was fantastic and did a great job with our long hit list of plumbing needs! We are very satisfied with the quality work & very fair price!! Will be calling Coates for our plumbing needs! 5 Stars - Chuck V.
Thanks for the professional services guys. We will call you again when we need plumbing services from the best Plumbers in Grand Blanc. 5 Stars - Aaron B.
We had a great experience with them not only did they fix the issue they told us about the process and what could cause different issues they spent the time to teach us something new! We will only call them as we trust and respect Coates Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Water Services. 5 Stars - Wes N.
Appraisal of job completely accurate. Done very quickly at minimum price. We were well satisfied! 5 Stars - Jack L.